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The 1st Portugal International Guitar Composition Competition / Seixal – 2020 is dedicated to the creation of pieces for solo 6 string classical guitar. The target audience are candidates from all over the world, who are born on or after January first 1984. The organization accepts  applications  by order of arrival, with a maximum limit of 80 pieces. All candidates under 18 years of age need to present an authorization signed by their parents. The competition is run according to the following rules:





  1.  The pieces submitted must have at least 4 and at the most 8 minutes of duration, otherwise they will be disqualified. The pieces may consist of one single movement, or of as many as 3 movements) and must not have been published by any publishing company. The choice of musical style free.
  2.    Each candidate must present a maximum of 2 pieces.
  3. The competition’s jury is sovereign. Therefore no appeal will be admitted.
  4.   Pre-registrations will be accepted after the payment of 35 Euro per piece (maximum of 2. Pieces) is made to the IBAN: PT50 0033 0000 4551 8181 8800 5, SWIFT: BCOMPTPL, and a confirmation of payment is received in the organization’s e-mail address: . In order to finalize the application, a score (in format Sibelius, Finale, and PDF) and a recording (video-audio HD) of each piece must be sent to the same email address ( by the deadline of 23:59 of 10 November 2019 (GMT).
  5.    NOTE: The pre-registrations accepted by the organization become invalid if the pieces aren’t sent until the above-mentioned deadline and, in that case, there will be no refund of the previously made payments.
  6.    Together with the pre-registration or the final application, the candidate must also send a copy of his/her ID card, passport or any other official document that shows his birthdate, a recent photograph and a short CV in one of the following languages: Portuguese, French, Spanish or English.
  7.    The score of each piece must include its title and the candidate’s name as its author.
  8.    The jury will evaluate the pieces based on the quality of their composition, not the quality of the interpretation in the recorded performance, which is considered to be merely illustrative.
  9.    The candidates must name their pieces and can dedicate them to someone. However, it’s strictly forbidden to dedicate the piece(s) to any member of the jury or the Artistic & Pedagogical Board (direção artística e pedagógica “DAP”). Nevertheless, if a piece has not been dedicated to anyone prior to the jury’s decision, the candidates that have been awarded prizes may dedicate their works to any member of jury or the DAP afterwards.
  10.   Candidates that are or were taught by any member of the jury, may that be in composition or guitar interpretation, must mention that fact, as well as name that jury member on their registration. During the evaluation phase, the jury member will abstain from grading said student’s work. Candidates that are related to any member of the jury, up to the 2nd degree of kinship, must mention said fact on their registration. During the evaluation phase, the jury member will abstain from grading said family member’s work.
  11.    The jury is entitled to abstain from delivering any of the first 3 prizes if they consider that no piece has reached its corresponding level of quality.
  12.    The presentation of pieces submitted to the competition is strictly forbidden during the masterclasses taking place on January 11th and 12th 2020, taught by Eduardo Fernández and Eduardo Isaac.
  13.    It is the candidate’s sole responsibility to provide her/his own travel and accommodations, as well as any other expenses related to the competition.
    14.    By registering, the candidates must transfer and assign any copyright of their piece and its recording, during and after the competition, as well as the publication of the score, to the organization.
  14.    The participation in this competition requires the acceptance of the previously stated regulations
  15.    In case of any doubts or disagreement regarding the rules of the 1st Portugal International Guitar Composition Competition / Seixal – 2020, the only valid script is the original, written in Portuguese.


Competition structure

  1. In the initial stage, the jury will meet through and select the finalists – 12 pieces will be chosen.
  2. On 15 December 2018, the 12 pieces will be announced on and in the Facebook pages &
  3.    On 13 January 2020, the jury will have a meeting about the previously selected pieces.
    4.    On 14 January of 2020, the finals take place*.
  4.    On the 15th of January of 2020 (international composer day), the jury will meet, and by 11 am (GMT), the award-winning pieces will be revealed.
  5.    On the same day (January 15th 2020), at night, an award ceremony will be held.

*NOTE:  for the presentation in the final round, the composers may perform their own pieces. In the eventual case that the composer isn’t a guitarist, he can invite any interpreter, except jury members, to perform. In the eventual case that neither the composer nor their invited performer be present in Portugal, the candidate  will have his piece evaluated by the material sent in audio/video format, as well as the score in a pdf format.



    1st Prize: 5.000 Euro, certificate, edition and publication of the piece’s score, statuette and an invitation to be a member of the jury for the second edition of the event.

     2nd Prize: 3.000 Euro, certificate, edition of the piece’s score and a statuette.

     3rd Prize: 2.000 Euro, certificate, edition of the piece’s score and a statuette.

   Prize for “Best composition of Portuguese Nationality”*: 500 Euro, certificate and a statuette (announced on 20/12/2019).

*The winner’s presence in Seixal and the execution the piece on the 15th of January of 2020 is mandatory.


Very important: The winners are obliged under the tax laws of the country to which they belong, the payment of taxes and / or declaration of the amount of the monetary prize received.



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